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GeoPAD – Mobile GIS
System requirements
Operating System : Windows Mobile
Processor: : ARM-based processors
Free Space: : Minimum 2 MB
Synchronization Software: : Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 or higher
GeoPAD supports the following data formats:
ESRI shape files (shp. shx, dbf)
Windows® bit map
GeoPAD version 2009 is cost effective Mobile GIS product for use on Pocket PC (PDA) running Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0. With GeoPAD user can perform field data collection, create, edit Map data, integrate GPS, create attributes, modify attributes, perform query on database, find, and Perform measuring. GeoPAD Version 2009 is useful in mobile mapping and GIS application. GeoPAD provides database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via mobile devices. GeoPAD supports a multi layer environment with vector map and raster image display that includes aerial photographs and satellite imagery. Images are stored as raster data, where each cell in the image has a row and column number. Shape files are stored in real-world coordinates. In order to display images with shape files, it is necessary to establish an image-to-world transformation that converts the image coordinates to real-world coordinates. Jpeg Image formats store this information in a separate ASCII file. This file is generally referred to as the world file, since it contains the real-world transformation information used by the image.
GeoMapper – Desktop GIS
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